Full Sector:

  • Big sector brushes are heavily filled with filaments, used for heavy duty application where radiusing is not required or less required. Only Face DeBurring.
  • Toughest in the whole range but require lots of coolant or water supply.
  • Cost – effective, longer life and less cycle duration required
  • Can be made more aggressive by opting for flat filaments instead or round filaments
  • Ideal for Heavy DeBurring.


Vertical Sector:

  • The vertical Sector compensates for the need for a planetary head machine
  • Space between two slots help easy swaying moments of the filament
  • Covers wide surface area and therefore gives Fast out-put and longer life


Circular Sector:

  • Only brush useful for planetary action
  • Goes with linear movement ( side to side) of the head but not with straight up and down movement of the head


Heavy Sector:

  • Heavy-sector application – edge deburring and surface finishing esp. for medium to heavy job
  • Restricted for small holes and cut-outs
  • Cost-effective with less cycle timing compared to CS
  • Two variants –
  • One circle – available in small dia.
  • Two circles: More aggressive with better cutting action and life.
  • Available in larger brush diameter
  • Ideal for Medium to Heavy DeBurring.



  • Medium DeBurring for Class II and Class III types of Burr’s.
  • Edge Radiusing / Rounding and DeBurring Surfaces
  • Good for Flat surfaces – where all burr’s are in one plane.
  • Industry: Engineering, Automobile, Aeronautic, Turbine.